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Alex, is a fully qualified and registered Osteopath graduating from the British School of Osteopathy achieving a Master’s degree in Osteopathy (Most.).
Since graduating Alex has begun his own practice in Blackheath in association with his friend and colleague Josh Masson.
Alex is fluent in English and Spanish and has over 9 years of experience as a personal trainer, working with clients to develop good body strength and conditioning, as well as clear nutrition plans. He brings both his osteopathy and personal training expertise to his work treating patients.
He has experience in working in many specialised clinics, treating a variety of patients such as expectant mothers, children, the elderly, HIV sufferers, the homeless and those with chronic and acute pain.
He has recently completed courses in spinal and temporomandibular (jaw) and upper neck pain. He has a particular interest in rehabilitation and sport injuries, the function and strengthening of the spine and treatment of acute and chronic pain.
Alex enjoys working with patients to understand their needs, and providing a holistic treatment plan, working with them to achieve their goals.
Outside of osteopathy Alex’s interests include maintaining his personal fitness by attending the gym, cycling, hiking, skiing and traveling.