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What can our clinic do for you?

At Blackheath Osteopathy & Acupuncture we provide a personal and professional experience, tailored to the individual. Our practitioners are highly skilled in their professions and continuously develop their expertise through Continual Professional Development, personal study and lecturing at respected colleges.


Practitioners at the clinic maintain the highest level of professionalism both in their personal and professional lives. They believe that this is not only paramount in providing the best possible care to their patients, but also to ensure that all matters are dealt with as as effectively and efficiently as possible.


Our team ensures the highest level of enthusiasm both for their patient’s and for their professions. This comes not only from a love of their professions but a passion to help their patient’s towards better health.


All practitioners continue to develop and expand their knowledge and skill set to provide patients with the best possible care. This is undertaken in the form of Continual Professional Development, personal study and regular lecturing at respected colleges.